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Here at Hilltop, we’re a huge fan of stationery, especially cute, functional stationery. It’s not always easy to figure out which ones are best, so we’re going to break down some of our favorite items today! 


  1. 3 Colors Colored Lead - We’ve all probably gone through countless containers of lead for our mechanical pencils before, so why not change it up with some colored lead! This works the same way any 0.5mm lead works, just put it in your pencil and click a few times, and you’ll be writing in whatever colored lead you put in. How exciting.
  2. Lumi Color Memo Book - In this day where we often times jot down little notes in our phone, it seems little notebooks aren’t need anymore. But there still is something so satisfying writing with pen and paper! This memo book is so thin and small that you’ll be able to carry it everywhere.. 
  3. Rabbit Pen - This is seriously one of the best pens ever! It’s a 0.38mm pen ball point pen, and it sure writes smoothly! The best part, each pen is a different color depending on the color of its tip and cap. And who doesn’t want some cute little rabbits on their pen?!
  4. Totoro Erasable Pen - You can have the best of both worlds now with this erasable pen! Writes in a gel ink, but if you made a mistake, just use the tip to erase away your pen marks. How cool. 
  5. Piggy Sharpener - Okay,  maybe you don’t need to sharpen pencils anymore, but how cute is this sharpener??? You turn the piggy’s nose to open up the sharpener, and sharpen away. The body of the piggy will catch all your shavings until you’re ready to throw it away. 
  6. Gold Premium Eraser - This eraser comes in white as well, and they both erase extremely well, but how cool is it that this one is black?! 
  7. Dot Dot Index Cards with Ring - Working on memorizing a bunch of terms? This stack of paper is not only cute but so functional! It’s tiny so you can carry it around with you all the time and practice those terms when you have some down time! 

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