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BT21 Sticky Notes

Posted by Oliver Wan at

Your opened up notebook sits in front of you as you flip to a page in your dreary old textbook. You aren’t motivated to read any of those long paragraphs until you stick colorful sticky notes and tabs onto each page. The adorable BT21 characters on each piece of paper brighten up each page of information. This memo pad containing cute animals add a dash of color into the study session. With 12 pads of sticky memos, this foldable pack is definitely able to encourage anyone to study! Be sure to visit to get more information on this amazing...

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A few of our favorites!

Posted by Hilltop Gifts at

Here at Hilltop, we’re a huge fan of stationery, especially cute, functional stationery. It’s not always easy to figure out which ones are best, so we’re going to break down some of our favorite items today!    3 Colors Colored Lead - We’ve all probably gone through countless containers of lead for our mechanical pencils before, so why not change it up with some colored lead! This works the same way any 0.5mm lead works, just put it in your pencil and click a few times, and you’ll be writing in whatever colored lead you put in. How exciting. Lumi...

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