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Pusheen is here with her family and friends! Pusheen is a female cartoon car from comic strips and sticker sets on Facebook. She is a female domestic shorthair, colored in grey and tabby cat. Pusheen has a sister named Stormy and a little brother named Pips. Pusheen also has a close friend call Pugsheen!


Pusheen loves to dress up in different characters, such as Super Pusheenicorn, Pusheenosaurus, Mermaid, Detective, Seal, and Narwhale.


Pusheen also loves to eat, as she always carries food or snacks in her hands. Sometimes she even dress up as a cook!


Sometimes, Pusheen comes in different colors: purple, green, pink, etc. Oh how lovely they are!


We have a collection of different Pusheen merchandise, including Pusheen slippers, mugs, surprise box, and stationeries etc.


As for Christmas, we also have a special collection of Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings and Pusheen Christmas Plushies.

Come and meet Pusheen and her family & friends!

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