The Sherbet Kids Alpacasso have made it safely!

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We’re so excited to announce that the Sherbet Kids Alpacasso from Amuse Japan have arrived and are available both in our store and online! If you already own an authentic Alpacasso from Amuse you’ll know how adorable, soft and cuddly they are, and this one is no exception! If you don’t have one yet, it’s time you own one for yourself. 

The 38cm ones come is three colors - Blue, Pink and White, and the 12cm ones come is five colors. Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple and White. For this series, Amuse has attached the tag on a elastic gold string around each alpacas neck. Easily removable if you don’t like it there! But did you notice, it’s a little cup of sherbet?? How cute and perfect for summer! As usual for the 12cm ones, they have a ball chain attached at their head so you can hang them on  just about anywhere you want! 

Are you wondering exactly what a Kid Alpacasso is? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds to be… a little kid version of an alpacasso. Typically, Alpacassos are longer and their legs more developed, as well as their ears, but with this series, there legs are still growing, and their ears are hanging off more to the side. We think this series is absolutely adorable! Just check out these photos!


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